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Home Renovation Loan − give your House a Makeover

Home Improvement Loan is one of the easiest ways to fund your dream of giving your home a new look and renovating it as per your desire. And now this loan can be availed online with a few clicks with easy installment options.

Home improvement loan, as the name suggests, is used to improve your existing home like adding a new room, adding a new balcony or making some improvement in the existing home structure.

It is also popularly known as repair and renovation loans.

With AAVAS home renovation loans, you can upgrade your existing home to a modern look and comfortable living.

A home improvement loan is an ideal choice if you want to increase your living space or make some design improvement as per your desires. Also, as one’s family grows, so does the need to improve and add more space to accommodate rising demands of the family members. Believe it or not, home improvement loans are the most cost-effective way to fulfill this need for more space.

Features of Aavas Home Improvement Loan

  • We offer loans for improving your home in many ways such as tiling or flooring, plaster or painting, etc.
  • Loan amounts starting Rs 1 Lakh
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Tenure of up to
    • o 30 years for salaried customers (from government/ PSU/ Private sector) with more than ₹ 35,000/Month
    • o 25 years for other salaried customers
    • o 20 years for self-employed customers.
  • Integrated branch network that facilitates loan servicing at a branch convenient to you.

With the help of Aavas Home Loan Eligibility Calculator, you can easily calculate the eligibility amount and then follow Home Loan EMI Calculator to know your EMIs that you will be required to pay.

Home Improvement Loan FAQs

What is Home Improvement Loan?

loan for home renovation is taken by people for the renovation and improvement of their home or property. Like adding one more room or giving your home a new look.

How To Apply For Home Improvement Loan?

Any individual who wants to avail the home improvement loan can collect the application form from the institution from which he/she wants to take the loan. The application form must be submitted with all the necessary details along with a few documents like age proof, resident proof, financial position etc. You can also apply online for the said loan and upload all the required documents online as well.

Do I get Tax Benefit for a Home Improvement Loan?

The interest paid by the individual against the home renovation loan is tax-deductible and is directly deducted by the owner of the property against which the loan is taken.

What is the security that I will have to provide for a Home Renovation Loan?

House Improvement Loan mainly takes security interest on the property against which loan is taken as security against the Home Repair Loan. Any other collateral or interim security can be taken against the Home Improvement Loan

What Is The List documents Required for Home Improvement Loans?

  • Application form

    The individual seeking for a loan should fill the complete application form with a photograph filling in all the necessary details correctly.

  • Age proof

    Documents like passport, PAN card, or any other document from the government should be attached as age proof of the loan seeker.

  • Residence proof

    Documents like electricity bill, telephone bill, ration card, driving license, voter Id card or any other government-issued document should be attached as residence proof

  • Education Qualifications

    The academic qualification of the loan seeker should be attached with the application form

  • Salary statements/ Certificate for business existence
  • Bank Account Statement

    A bank account statement is submitted to get information about other loans of the individual and also to know the financial position of the individual.

  • Fee cheque for processing fees of the loan

    A cheque in the favour of the institution from which the loan is taken is to be attached for the processing fees of the sanctioned amount.

  • Photocopy of the property papers

    The photocopy of the property papers should be attached along with the application form

  • To Get more details about the Documents Required for Home Improvement Loan Click Here



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