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Life at Aavas

Aavas Financiers cares about its people and their needs. It strives to create a happy workplace by making it more inclusive for employees. Its core lies in nurturing talents through allowing them space to explore, learn and grow. The home loan provider is committed to its people to focus on their career development while defining a career growth path for them.

At Aavas, walls of a typical corporate life have fallen, giving way to a friendly, approachable atmosphere for teams at all levels. The culture over here is moulded in a way that promotes work-life balance through ideal working hours. It takes pride in the concept of an egalitarian rewards and recognition programme.

Aavas firmly stands with a belief in finding the rightly motivated people for a bright future of the company and see all happy faces around as testament to that.

Work Till 7 O'Clock and Be Home

The company respects work-life balance and inculcates the same amongst its employees. It wishes them to lead a balanced, fulfilling life and so, fixed the 7-7.30 pm deadline for the office closing hours. The software-based work may go on till 7 pm and 7.30 pm is the deadline for dealing with emails. This is to keep track of time and daily disbursements without extending the working hours ever. The employees wind up on time and head home. Consequently, they get to spend much more time with their families and return to work happier the next day.

Now, the 7 O' Clock deadline is implemented successfully with no adverse impact on business.

Health Checks Made Easy

A healthy body and a stress free mind make for a happy and productive employee. In the age of the corporate chase it has become rather every day for one to not focus on their health. Realising it, Aavas took the onus of propagating a healthy lifestyle among the employees and set up an in-house health check-up facility. Aavas encourages the employees and their family members to consult their renowned in-house doctor at regular intervals and these periodic check-ups can be availed every week for free at the corporate office.

Employee Engagement

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